I have to hand it to Twistys, they make all of their models look hotter than 90% of the websites out there. And that means that Bree is looking super hot. On this page, I just have pictures of Bree Olson getting all soaped up with her see through clothes on. But don't worry, she ends up stripping down and letting you see everything. A big thank you to Twisty and his crew for making great content and taking great pics. Trust me this won't be the last page with their content featuring our AVN 2008 starlet!


God damn. When I look at those first 3 pics, I think to myself... What would it be like to come home and have her waiting for me. Getting ready to take a bath looking like that. I wouldn't even be able to get in the bath without cumming too early. I mean she wouldn't even have to touch me and I would be done. Her face, her body, her hair: a match like that only comes up once every blue moon. And they're usually married to actors, pro athletes or rich old men. I am none of those, just old. Not rich. I love you BREE I can't wait till you're in my bath tub one day.
Twistys Treat Bree Olson

Bree Olson Posing Twistys Treat of the Month!!!

Most guys like movies over pictures. But movies have their downfall. Most of the time they are very small in size. Like watching 4" picture on my 24" monitor. It's pointless. I want to see Bree big as life. Then most times the movies are super short. 9 seconds of Bree Olson isn't going to do it for me. I know they don't want to give away too much but still. Third and fourth is the talking. Directors like to hear themselves talk. They think they're bringing something funny, exciting, hot to the table. NO NO NO. Then there is the girl talking. Most times they're half retarded. They can't complete a sentence. They say "um" 40 times. This is why pics are sometimes better than movies. In fact, when I first discover a new girl, I like to see all the pics first. Before something ruins my impression of her. I don't want to hear her thoughts most of the time, I don't want to only see 8 seconds of a movie, I don't want to hear her pussy farts. I want her being perfect. And what's more perfect than a silent naked woman?

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