presents Bree Olson and her Interracial Lovers

If you have never been to, or seen SpunkMouth.com it really is a great site. And it's often overlooked by a lot of porn fans. Why? I'm not sure. Do they see the name and think that the site only show blowjob movies, or girls getting covered in cum? Well let me tell you this is a full service site. There is vaginal sex, oral sex, anal, double penetration... I mean they do everything on that site. And on this gem of a site, I found a great scene with Bree Olson doing some interracial hardcore along with easily over 100 other girls that caught my eye. If you have never been to Spunkmouth.com then I suggest you go there NOW.

Like I stated above, Spunk Mouth really is a good site that gets overlooked. No clue why. But once I found it, I couldn't stop checking it out. Even days later. I would go to the tour and see a new girl up and watch the trailers. I finally got a few pages deep and found the tour page with Bree Olson on it. And man, this scene is nuts. If you ever doubted if Bree really enjoyed sex or not, then look at this scene. She's with about 4 black dudes that have monster sized dicks and she pleases every single one of them. But Bree isn't really all about big dicks, thank god. She has said over and over that she enjoys a horse cock every now and then, but she really loves an average dick. I think most girls are like that, a huge one just scares them off.

Bree getting ready for her SpunkMouth Now she's naked and ready to please Bree Olson in a new outfit for Spunkmouth.com


I don't know what you guys thought of that movie, but man it really got me going. In the beginning of this one, Bree looks all nice and weet and innocent. But then as the movie keeps going you see her with a huge black cock in her mouth sucking it like she wants it bad. And then you hear her calling herself a dirty fucking whore. Then next thing you know we're back at the sweet Bree Olson again. But wait! Cut again to Bree with 4 black dicks surrounding her and she's screaming how she's a 2$ whore ( I don't agree, but it's kinky ). The last thing I remember seeing is Bree's face covered in cum and she's begging for more cum. Man this is a good one. Thanks SPUNKMOUTH.com


I know this page doesn't have a lot of pics on it, but hey, you get a 2 minute free movie out of it. Again, thank the guys at Spunk Mouth, they are the ones hosting that movie for me. And don't think you can just go ripping it off, they gave me special licensing signed in blood from their lawyer. I don't think I have seen her get so dirty during a shoot before. It's really a turn on seeing someone so hot taking it like such a little whore. And I don't know if you guys picked up on this, but Bree seemed to really love being dominated. Something I would never have thought such a hot porn star would like. Well I hope you enjoyed this page and remember to continue on to my many other pages with the Ever Lovely- Bree Olson!! Seacrest out!

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