This is an scene with pornstar Bree Olson from July of 2007. It looks older than that, who knows if the dates on the sites are correct. Most of the time they are not correct. It's for a site called LoadMyMouth which I have never seen before I started searching out movies of my favorite porn star. This site seems to have a shit ton of content on it. Movies from almost every girl in the porno circuit. Plus it has one of my favorite male performers in it, Brandon Irons. And NoWayAmIGay! He just seems to help the girls perform a little better than usual. I saw a movie he did with Alexia Skye for and it was great. And I usually don't like Alexia, I think she's somewhat of a bitch. Anyway, here are some movies from that scene on Load my Mouth.

Like I stated above, I had never heard of this site until I was searching for Bree Olson movies. When I came across it I was really taken back by the amount of girls on their site. I think I stopped counting at 100. Which to me is worth the 30$ membership any way you slice it. Sometimes these free porn movies are hard to tell what exactly is going on. They seem to cut in the middle of a sentence, or major part of the movie. So I take it upon myself to decipher what is going on FOR YOU. You can thank me later. So it seems to start off with Bree talking about the size of her perfect tits. So right off the bat, this is during the interview stages of the facial movie. I'm guessing the director asked her "Hey Bree, how big are your tits." So she tells him, and then goes one step further. She pulls out her perfect C cup tits one at a time. mmmmmmm I love Bree's titties.


Yah we need to see some more of her

I just noticed that these free movies are pretty short. They don't deliver nearly as much as the others, but content is content. So here we find Bree Olson naked as a jay bird, on her knees with a very big cock in her hands. And guess where that cock is headed. If you said "HER MOUTH" then you were correct. Please collect your prize. Bree starts out slow as to not choke herself, but after a few insertions she's taking it like a champ. By the third pull on it, she almost has the whole thing down her throat. I think this cock belongs to Brandon Irons. Lucky, lucky man. I am jealous of him for more than one thing.


Onto the third clip, and no this isn't the last movie. Here we are looking in third person perspective (remember movie 2 was shot in POV style) and Bree is continuing with the sucking. She's really going at it in this one and you can tell the guy likes it cause he's starting to pump as she sucks. And now I'm not so sure it's Brandon. But whoever it is Bree must really like him because she's grabbing her tits and rubbing her pink nipples as she has 5" of his dick down her throat


This movie I would rate like a 5. First of all it's too short. But what makes up for what's lacking, is the cum shot. And the build up to that cum shot. Miss Olson is on her knees still and she's licking the balls of some lucky stranger. Meanwhile he's busy jacking himself so he can get a load ready for Bree. I don't think I would need to do this, I'm sure she would make me cum just by wrapping her lips around my penis. But then again, I'm not a porn star getting my dick sucked on a daily basis by far hotter chicks that I can fine in my local dive bar.


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